o egzaminie

About exam

The eighth-grade examination covers the knowledge and skills specified in the core curriculum for selected subjects taught in grades
1 through 8. The examination will be conducted for the first time in academic year 2018/2019.

The eighth-grade examination is intended for:

  • students in grade 8 of primary school;
  • art school students in the grade that corresponds (in terms of the curriculum) to grade 8 of primary school; and
  • students of primary schools for adults.

The eighth-grade examination is compulsory, which means that every student must take it in order to graduate from school. Since
no minimum passing score is specified, the examination cannot be failed.

The eighth-grade examination is conducted in writing.

In 2019 through 2021, grade 8 students will take the examination in three compulsory subjects:

  1. Polish;
  2. Mathematics; and
  3. a selected modern foreign language (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian or Italian).

Only the languages which a given student is learning in compulsory classes can be selected.

From 2022 onwards, grade 8 students will take the examination in four compulsory subjects:

  1. Polish;
  2. Mathematics;
  3. a selected modern foreign language (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian or Italian); and
  4. a selected additional subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography or History).

Conduct of the eighth-grade examination

The examination is held in April. A student who fails to attend the examination at that time due to illness or unavoidable circumstances beyond his/her control will be required to take it in June.

The eighth-grade examination is conducted over three consecutive days:

  1. day 1 — examination in Polish (120 minutes);
  2. day 2 — examination in Mathematics (100 minutes); and
  3. day 3 — examination in a modern foreign language and, starting from 2022, a selected additional subject (90 minutes each).

Eighth-grade examination questions

The examination paper in each subject will contain both closed questions (where the student selects one answer from a list) and open questions (where the student formulates the answer himself/herself).

Sample questions and answers can be found in guides to the eighth-grade examination in the different subjects.

Results and certificates

On the last day of the academic year, each student will receive a certificate containing detailed results of the eighth-grade examination. The certificate will show the results as both a percentage and a percentile value for each subject.

Examination results are final and cannot be challenged in court.

Additional information


Students of schools or school sections where classes are conducted in a national minority language, ethnic minority language or regional language can solve problems in Mathematics either in Polish or in the respective national minority language, ethnic minority language or regional language.


Winners and finalists of science competitions and contests organised at or above the province (województwo) level in one of the subjects covered by the eighth-grade examination are exempted from the examination in that subject and automatically receive a maximum score in the subject.


Eighth-grade examination conditions and/or arrangements can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of students with special educational needs, including students with disabilities, students with (or at risk of) social maladjustment and students referred to in Section 165.1 of the Education Law Act of 14 December 2016 (foreign nationals).

Detailed information on the conduct of the eighth-grade examination as of academic year 2018/2019 is available here.

Sample eighth-grade examination papers are available here.